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Mitchell_LeadershipNashville_5.5.2010Workshops, Seminars and Classes (Partial Listing):

Performance Communication– Assists musicians and artists how to best communicate about their art, art process and repertoire/pieces. Teaches participants how to best engage their audiences and how their audiences best learn.

Music and Community– Provides musicians, artists and others committed to community service how to best develop their mission; advocate for their mission and transform a given classroom, school, organization, neighborhood or city.

The Role of Picture Book Art in Teaching Literacy and Love of Reading– Models and instructs early childhood educators, parents and artists in the effective and engaging use of picture book art, illustrations, music and movement.  Visual learning and literacy, teaching strategies and tools of creating participation with children’s literature are all explored.

Mission-Driven Fundraising and Organizational Development– Creates with participants fundraising plans and organizational architecture including: boards, volunteer recruitment, training and motivation, staffing structures and in-depth program design.

Music/Dance/Art 101– Especially designed for lifelong learners, participants learn about instruments, composition, choreography, elements of art forms, improvisation, art architecture and the aesthetics of arts including social, political, biographical, historical, and personal influences on creativity and works of art.


Recent Teaching Posts and Experiences (Partial Listing):

Professor of Music and Community, Adjunct

Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music (2009-     )

In the 2015-16 year Mitchell Korn will teach a new course “Introduction to Arts Administration” and continue his popular “Career Preparedness: The Business of a Music Professional.” He teaches additional courses including “Music and Community,” “21st Century Artistry: Advanced Skills in Live Performance Technologies and Communication,” “Creating Funding and Non-Profit Vehicles for 21st Century Music and Art Performance, Production and Community Service” and “New Ears.” Also mentors and advises students through Independent Studies in Orchestra and Community Music Education, and Urban Dance and Its Impact on Schools. Course work includes developing skill sets in arts, arts education and community advocacy; and preparing musicians, artists and other pre-professionals as community assets. Studies also include development of artistic projects with business, media and partnership planning; development of community directed music, arts, social and advocacy service;, fundraising; mission-directed organizational building and repertoire and listening skills. He has initiated Blair School’s new continuing education classes in the community “Symphony 101” . Professor Korn also teachers a Commons Seminar class for second-semester Freshman : “Inside Music- How to Listen to, Engage and Create in All Music ” and begins a term as Faculty VUceptor for incoming first year students. He also continues as Ingram Scholars Community Service Advisor for Junior and Senior scholars.


Vanderbilt University Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (2011-     )

Teaches highly participatory and experiential music and arts appreciation and engagement.

Tennessee State Department of Education, State Library Association and State Arts Commission  (2011-     )

Teaches participatory workshops and seminars on “The Role of Picture Book Arts in Effectively Teaching Literacy Standards”. Workshop participants include early childhood educators, librarians and other elementary teachers.

Yale School of Music  (2006-7, 2009)

Worked with student ensembles, individual performers, instrumental classes and provided workshops on performance skills including: repertoire selection, stage craft, program design, audience learning, participatory strategies and more. Advised staff on Yale’s music in the community programs.

Harvard Graduate School of Education  (1999-2001)

Provided major lectures on arts partnership and integrated learning and taught a graduate seminar on arts education strategic planning and integrated curriculum.

Royal Conservatory of Music, University of Toronto

Founding professor of Music Performance and Communication Program. Taught classes to musicians throughout Canada on communication skills, audience development, service to schools and building successful engagement and learning with audiences of all ages.


Library Workshops 

Mitchell Korn is a much sought after professional development trainer and clinician for library, early childhood and parental engagement literacy workshops. In 2012-13, he has provided several day long workshops for the Tennessee State Library Association, teaching librarians and educators the learning of literacy skills and sparking reading motivation through music and the arts. This year, on behalf of the Governor’s Books From Birth Foundation and Dolly Parton’s TN Imagination Library, he is leading several parental engagement workshops throughout Tennessee on how parents and grandparents can use music and the arts to read with enjoyment and effectiveness to their children and grandchildren.

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Recent Keynote Speeches (Partial Listing)

Lifelong Learning and its Dramatic Impact on Our Communities (2012), Vanderbilt University Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Annual Dinner, Nashville, TN

The Role of Picture Book Arts in Effective Teaching of Literacy (2012) The Tennessee State Association of Libraries, Knoxville, TN

Music Education: The Heart of a Successful Education (2011), The Grand Opening of KLH Music Instruments American Headquarters, Nashville, TN.

The Art of Advocacy: How Do We Best Advocate for Music in Our Communities (2010), The National/International Association of Schools of Music Annual Conference, San Diego, CA

Creativity and Problem Solving: Instant Art (2009), Caterpillar, Inc, International Annual Meeting, NYC